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“How to Harness the Powerful Changes that Will Sink Most Dentists”

The Problem/Opportunity

As dentists we are used to change, BUT there has NEVER been a time in our profession with more rapid, tumultuous change that will adversely affect your ability to earn a living and practice dentistry on your own terms. This is no longer a future event, it is happening right before our eyes.  Yet, most dentists do not see or acknowledge the facts and they are putting themselves, their families, and their staffs are at grave risk. To discover the opportunity that will emerge out of these events, you need to properly interpret the past and current state of dentistry and position yourself to benefit from the rapid changes. In the past, dentistry was composed of individual private, mostly fee-for service practice and was known as a cottage industry with unlimited autonomy to design the practice to fits the doctor’s lifestyle. Enter dental insurance and its unseen consequences. With the advent of dental insurance, initially dentists saw an increase in patients and treatment and that made them happy, but unfortunately complacent.  This also weakened their case acceptance and marketing skills which left them vulnerable and reliant upon the dental plans. As more and more practices were lured into becoming insurance dependent, the vise tightened.  The once generous annual allowance and the simplicity of procedure approval were replaced by a flat or decreasing annual limit and mountains of bureaucratic paperwork that have eaten away at practice’s profit margins. To compound this there has been a collision of numerous factors including:

  • adverse legislation and the intervention of government
  • the decline of dental insurance availability
  • the influx of faceless corporations preying on debt-laden new graduates
  • changes to the economic demographics
  • the lessening of available credit to patients

and numerous other changes in progress that will impact dentists and the practice of dentistry forever.

The 4 Quadrants of Dentistry

What is evolving out of all these changes is the segmentation of dentistry that will forever change dentistry as we have known it.  All these forces have slowly divided mainstream practice into 4 distinct quadrants. 1.    Advanced Services Quadrant  2.    Mainstream Dentistry Quadrant 3.    High Capacity Quadrant 4.    Government Triage Quadrant Quad 1 – Advanced Services Quadrant-  These services will require additional training and sometimes certification for the dentist to be able to provide. These could include such services such as: Situational Orthodontics, One Appt. CAD/CAM Crowns, Sedation Dentistry, Implants, Periodontal Surgery, Sleep Dentistry, Laser Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Full Mouth Reconstruction, and Bio-Compatible Dentistry. Many of the Advanced Services will provide specific marketing advantages if positioned within the proper practice structure. Quad 2- Mainstream Dentistry- The vast majority of dentists in the past and today are still operating in Quadrant 2- Mainstream Dentistry.  These are the traditional General dental practices that provide general, restorative, and preventive services.  They may refer out things like molar endo, implants, periodontal treatment, orthodontics, and more complex or comprehensive treatment. These dentists are at the greatest risk if they fail to adapt. Quad 3 –  High Capacity Quadrant- Dentists who practice in Quad 3 have found ways to increase their production of Mainstream Dentistry to increase profits without decreasing quality.  Quad 3 dentists have trained their teams to maximize efficiency and have built systems that allow treatment to be provided for a greater number of patients without creating havoc within the practice. Quad 4 – Government Triage Quadrant-  In recent years, Medicaid and some state programs have provided funding to allow for the dental care for children from low income families. These programs are controlled by legislation and are subject to heavy administrative demands, invasive policing, and onerous bureaucracy and legislation. High stress, chaos, and burnout is common for doctors and staff members in Quad 4 practices.

Harnessing the Quadrants

A practice with only 1 quadrant will NOT be able to successfully compete in the future. Unfair advantages will be gained by practices that add or combine quadrants in the correct sequence. As the name indicates, Mainstream Dentists practice in Quad 2.  The simplest Quadrant for those dentists to add is the High Capacity Quadrant- Quad 3.  The High Capacity Quadrant adds more efficient, high-quality treatment at an accelerated pace. Think about this like a factory in the later 1800s.  Most of the labor was painstakingly done by people without mechanization.  The end products may have been good quality, but the quantity of the product had severe limitations.  Along came mechanization and the factories were instantly able to produce multiples of the same product.

High Capacity Practices are much easier to create than one might expect.  We have worked with hundreds of dentists to boost productivity without having to add expensive equipment and without having to take extensive training before implementing. Using current staff, operatories, and facilities without marked increases in overhead make moving to a High Capacity Practice very attractive.

Accelerate Past the Competition

If you consider that all dental offices in America have a certain amount of time to offer to patients each day and then consider just exactly how long a patient is in the chair receiving treatment, you will come to the realization that many dental chairs are empty for a great portion of the day.  Then, consider the implications to your practice if each chair were full with patients much closer to 100% of each day.  The practice bottom line would skyrocket. Now let’s consider the impact to the bottom line if, not only, were the chairs full each day, but that the day’s workload were choreographed in such a way by the dental team so that practice procedures could be doubled or tripled each day without a loss of quality to the patient.Think how that would affect the bottom line! As a bonus, imagine how much easier it would be to attract patients to your practice if it were known that your office were so efficient that it ran on time and could see patients the day they called in. On top of that, the patient could receive definitive treatment on the same day they were seen.  New patients would flock to that practice and direct patient referrals would multiply the same way interest compounds in the bank. Over time, more opportunities will open up for the Quad 3 practice. They won’t be at the mercy of the diminishing fees paid by dental insurance plans and at the risk of being driven out of business because they can produce up to 3 times as much as the average Mainstream dentist with the same infrastructure.  They will even be able to compete head to head with confidence with those corporate practices if they choose, because the well-run and properly structured privately owned local Quad 3 practice will hold the advantage in customer service and patient relationships over the nameless, faceless corporations with their rotating crews of doctors and staffs. After a Quad 3 Practice has been successfully added to a Mainstream practice and the doctor has added extra profits from that success, it may be time to start adding Quad 1 Services.

The Promise of Advanced Services

Quad 1- Advanced Service practices can be excellent choices to boost profits when coupled with the Quad 2- Mainstream practice. While being able to provide Advanced Services provides an additional layer of revenue and profitability, the Doctor and staff will also need advanced communication and Case Acceptance Skills along with top notch operating systems and processes as the expectation of the patient will be significantly higher. Unfortunately, we have seen dentists sold on the promise that some new innovation or technology is going to be the ‘next big thing’ that, in and of itself, will drive all other portions of practice success and profit. After investing heavily in the training, equipment, technology, and marketing they have little to show for their efforts other than more debt. Part of this is the lack of a well designed business strategy and part of it has to do with failing to have the necessary support systems firmly in place before jumping in. A much more desirable, predictable, and less expensive way to develop a Quad 1 practice is to add it as a separate practice within a Mainstream Practice, or better yet, a combined Mainstream -Quad 2 and High Capacity-Quad 3 practice.  The security of the general practice gives the dentist and their team multiple opportunities to introduce these new technologies and advanced services to a group of patients who already know, trust, and like you. Any dentist who currently has a successful Quad 1 practice needs to understand the power of the forces converging to segment dentistry and should move immediately toward the development of Quads 2 and 3 to ensure their continued success and survival. For the Entrepreneurial dentist, who is looking to develop a multi-dimensional practice that can out compete the local dental marketplace, the Triple Quad Practice (TQP) will provide the safest and most effective model.

The Triple Quad Success Formula

With over 30 years of dealing with every conceivable practice model across North America, we have found the most effective combinations in developing multi-quadrant practices. Our goal is to reach dentists everywhere before they are blindsided and caught off guard by the upheavals and drastic changes that will occur in dentistry during the next few years.  We want to help you maximize your practice potential and be prepared for these changes before they destroy your personal and financial security.

Because of this, we are hosting an exclusive training call to provide you with the step-by-step process of creating your own customized version of our most successful practice model for the future, the Triple Quad Practice.

“5 Steps to Survive the Permanent Transformation of Dentistry

On Tuesday Night, Dec. 30th at 7:00 CDT, we’ll be walking you through exactly how this “new” practice model works …in real time, live. What we have discovered during this top-secret phase is:

  1. Dentistry is Rapidly Dividing into 4 Quadrants of Practice Models
  2. This is all happening quietly behind the scenes, but before long a huge number of dentists will wake up and realize how they have been handcuffed to a practice that not longer provides the success or freedom they previously enjoyed.
  3. Many dentists will have become so embedded in this failing model  that they won’t be able to adopt a successful quadrant even after they discover the awful truth.
  4. Even though those who have been ultra successful in the current model will find that they stand the most to lose if they fail to reposition themselves.

As the transformation unfolds, only The VERY BEST and BRIGHTEST will properly position themselves to feast on  HUGE SUCCESSES while the masses wither and die.  

Those who are the most successful will be using the Triple Quadrant Formula.  Until now, Mainstream Dentistry hasn’t needed this formula for the profession to succeed, but now with the permanent transformation, the Mainstream dentist  is in danger of extinction.

The best part of the Triple Quad Formula is just how easy it is to implement.  

Consider this, to reach top level success:

1.  It doesn’t require marketing or fancy selling skills that make you uncomfortable

2.  It doesn’t require you to buy an expensive gadgets to stand out from the crowd.

3   It requires no additional team members.

4.  By it’s very design, it automatically boosts case acceptance.

We promise we won’t hold  anything back ………… EVERYTHING REVEALED, NO CHARGE.

On Tuesday Night, December 30th at 7:00 CDT, we’ll be walking you through exactly how this “new” practice model works …in real time, live.

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We’ll be showing you:

1. How to easily know which Quadrant you are in currently

2. Which Quadrant is the easiest to add to your current practice and how to combine quadrants with no trauma.

3. How to use the formula to attract the right patients in an under-the-radar way that nobody else is doing.

4. A low-tech 3-part case acceptance system that works throughout 3 of the quadrants that makes 100% case acceptance a possiblilty.

5. How to run your NEW Multi-Quad practice from the sidelines without having to get involved in all the conflict and stress.

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“Those who are the most nimble and adaptable are the most likely to survive and thrive when the rules change”  -RBW